Holy Wound (2022) HDrip | Malayalam Adult Movie |Watch online |Download

Holy Wound (2022) HDrip | Malayalam Adult Movie |Watch online |Download

Genres : Adult Movies
Directors : Ashok R. Nath
Stars : amrita, Janaki Sudheer, Sabu Praudeen
Language : Malayalam


Set in the backwaters of Kerala, the story is about the life, memories and desires of a 25-year-old girl Kala, who finds her livelihood by fishing in the lake. She is continuously exploited physically and mentally by her cruel husband, and she longs for love from a sensitive soul. She searches for Sherin, who was Kala’s teenage friend, and the one with whom Kala shared a very intimate physical relationship. Now Sherin has become a Nun and has renounced all desires. Can Kala make her turn around?


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