Intervention (2020) HDrip | Russian Adult Movie |Watch online |Download

Intervention (2020) HDrip | Russian Adult Movie |Watch online |Download

Intervention 2020 Russian Adult Movie watch online download

Quality : Hdrip
Resolution : ,720p,
Platform : Russian Adult Movie
Release Date : 2020
Genres : Romance, Drama
Directors : Ksenia Zueva
Stars : Andris Keishs, Anya Chipovskaya, Ivan I. Tverdovsky
Language : Spanish


Masha is a young girl from the outskirts, from an extremely dysfunctional family. She exists in her own reality, where she takes care of her grandmother and younger brother, dreams of a family with her boyfriend, painfully needs warmth, love and care. She lives and knows nothing about her serious illness. Her life changes dramatically after meeting with Matvey Sergeevich, the cardiac surgeon who saved her life.


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