Educating Nina (1984) 720p |English Adult Movie |Watch online |Download

Educating Nina (1984) 720p |English Adult Movie |Watch online |Download


featuring Nina Hartley. With this movie, Nina Hartley proved her sexual prowess with her incredible performance. She shines in this movie even though it is her very first performance in the porn industry because of her natural talent. In this movie, Nina is a senior student and she is writing her thesis on the effect of fantasy on one’s sex life because she is a very sexual person. She interviews multiple people about their sexual fantasies and the visuals get wild. In each of these fantasies, Nina takes the centerpiece and acts out those fantasies. Her youthful curves, vivacious good nature, and excitable enthusiasm drive her scenes through the roof. Finally, she proves just why she was destined to be one of porn’s all-time leading lights.


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